Math articles

Here are my math articles, with arxiv links when available. Publication data may or may not be included in the arxiv listing linked in the title. Here’s my listing on MathSciNet if you can access it. Here’s my listing on the arXiv.

  1. Max Lieblich, Critical surfaces for multiview reconstruction and base loci in joint image space, slowly in preparation (possibly forever)

  2. Katrina Honigs, Max Lieblich, Sofia Tirabassi, Fourier-Mukai partners of Enriques and bielliptic surfaces in positive characteristic, in preparation

  3. Jarod Alper, Max Lieblich, Siddharth Mathur, The universal coarse moduli space is relatively algebraic, in preparation

  4. Max Lieblich, Brian Osserman, Descent of moduli spaces and limit linear series, in preparation

  5. Max Lieblich, Lucas van Meter, Two Hilbert schemes in computer vision, in preparation

  6. Max Lieblich, Moduli of sheaves, a modern primer, to appear in proceedings of the 2015 Utah AMS Summer Institute on Algebraic Geometry

  7. Benjamin Antieau, Asher Auel, Colin Ingalls, Daniel Krashen, Max Lieblich, Period-index bounds for arithmetic threefolds

  8. Max Lieblich, Martin Olsson, A stronger derived Torelli theorem for K3 surfaces, Bogomolov F., Hassett B., Tschinkel Y. (eds) Geometry Over Nonclosed Fields. Simons Symposia. Springer, Cham

  9. Daniel Krashen, Max Lieblich, The Clifford algebra of a finite morphism

  10. Max Lieblich, Rational curves in the moduli of supersingular K3 surfaces

  11. Max Lieblich, On the unirationality of supersingular K3 surfaces

  12. Max Lieblich, The period-index problem for fields of transcendence degree 2, Annals of Mathematics

  13. Max Lieblich, Martin Olsson, Fourier-Mukai partners of K3 surfaces in positive characteristic, Annales Scientifiques de L’ENS

  14. Max Lieblich, Davesh Maulik, Andrew Snowden, Finiteness of K3 surfaces and the Tate conjecture, Annales Scientifiques de L’ENS

  15. Max Lieblich, R. Parimala, V. Suresh, Colliot-Thelene’s conjecture and finiteness of u-invariants, Mathematische Annalen

  16. Max Lieblich, Davesh Maulik, A note on the cone conjecture for K3 surfaces in positive characteristic

  17. Rajesh S. Kulkarni, Max Lieblich, Blt Azumaya algebras and moduli of maximal orders

  18. Brian Conrad, Max Lieblich, Martin Olsson, Nagata compactification for algebraic spaces, Journal of the Institute of Mathematics of Jussieu

  19. Max Lieblich, Moduli of twisted orbifold sheaves, Advances in Mathematics

  20. Sandor Kovacs, Max Lieblich, Boundedness of families of canonically polarized manifolds: A higher dimensional analogue of Shafarevich’s conjecture, Annals of Mathematics

  21. Max Lieblich, Period and index in the Brauer group of an arithmetic surface (with an appendix by Daniel Krashen), Crelle’s Journal

  22. Max Lieblich, Compactified moduli of projective bundles, Algebra & Number Theory

  23. Max Lieblich, Arithmetic aspects of moduli of sheaves on curves, Grassmannians, Moduli Spaces, and Vector Bundles, Clay Math volume in honor of Newstead

  24. Max Lieblich, Brian Osserman, Functorial reconstruction theorems for stacks, Journal of Algebra

  25. Daniel Krashen, Max Lieblich, Index reduction for Brauer classes via stable sheaves (with an appendix by Bhargav Bhatt), IMRN

  26. Max Lieblich, Martin Olsson, Generators and relations for the etale fundamental group, Pure and Applied Math Q

  27. Max Lieblich, Twisted sheaves and the period-index problem, Compositio Math

  28. Max Lieblich, Remarks on the stack of coherent algebras, IMRN

  29. Max Lieblich, Moduli of complexes on a proper morphism, Journal of Algebraic Geometry

  30. Max Lieblich, Moduli of twisted sheaves, Duke Mathematical Journal

Non-math articles

  1. June T Spector, Max Lieblich, Stephen Bao, Kevin McQuade and Margaret Hughes, Automation of Workplace Lifting Hazard Assessment for Musculoskeletal Injury Prevention, Annals of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 2014

  2. Max Lieblich, June Spector, Kevin McQuade, Margaret Hughes, Stephen Bao, Kinect Calculation of Lifting-Related Back Injury Risk, IEEE EMBC Poster, 2014

  3. Max Lieblich, June Spector, Letter regarding ‘Comparison between low-cost marker-less and high-end marker-based motion capture systems for the computer-aided assessment of working ergonomics’ by Patrizi et al and research reproducibility., Ergonomics, 2016

  4. Max Lieblich, Challenges in the application of computer vision techniques to ergonomics in manufacturing settings, abstract for HFES 2016, 2016


  1. Max Lieblich, Martin Olsson, Brian Osserman, Ravi Vakil, Deformations and moduli in algebraic geometry, book in progress, public draft will be released in 2018

  2. Brian Conrad, Max Lieblich, Galois Representations arising from -divisible Groups, draft exists, aim to finish soon