Here is a complete CV.

Contact Information

Department of Mathematics
University of Washington
Box 354350
Seattle, WA 98195-4350




Algebraic geometry: projective geometry, moduli problems, algebraic stacks, derived categories, arithmetic geometry, connections with algebra, applications to computer vision

Education: algorithms for (and development of) adaptive homework systems, use of modern web technologies in online course content creation and curation

Computer vision: multiview geometry, automated pose detection, applications in healthcare and public health

Data: affiliate faculty member of the UW eScience Institute, experience with geocoding administrative datasets, capturing and modeling human motions, familiarity with machine learning methods


Massachusetts Institute of Technology, PhD, 2004. Thesis title: Moduli of Twisted Sheaves and Generalized Azumaya Algebras. Advisor: A. J. de Jong

Harvard University, AB summa cum laude, 2000. Thesis title: Galois Representations Arising from $p$-Divisible Groups. Thesis advisor: Brian Conrad


NSF Standard Grant, 2016–2019

University of Washington CoMotion Innovation Fund Award, 2016

NSF CAREER Grant, 2011–2016

Sloan Foundation Research Fellowship, 2010–2014

Co-PI (with June Spector, UW Public Health) on a University of Washington Research Royalty Fund (RRF) grant for the use of novel algorithms in computer vision to aid in the construction of a tool for assessment of musculoskeletal risk in workers, 2014–2015. Working with collaborators in the UW School of Public Health and the UW Computer Science and Engineering department. (The RRF is a highly-competitive internal UW grant that has a lower funding success rate than standard NSF grants.)

Co-investigator on Washington State Department of Labor and Industries Medical Aid and Accident Fund grant to study the use of computer vision in musculoskeletal hazard asssessment, 2012–2013

National Science Foundation grant DMS-0758391, 2008–2011

National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship, 2004–2007

Sigma Xi, elected 2003

National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship, 2000–2003

Phi Beta Kappa, elected 1999


University of Washington Professor, 2015–

University of Washington Associate Professor, 2011–2015

University of Washington Assistant Professor, 2009–2011

Princeton University Assistant Professor, 2007–2009

Princeton University Instructor, 2005–2007

Brown University Visiting NSF Postdoctoral Fellow, 2004–2005

Clay Mathematics Institute Liftoff Fellow, Summer 2004

Activities organized

American Institute of Mathematics Workshop on algebraic vision, May 2016

Utah Bootcamp for 2015 conference, co-organizer with Izzet Coskun, Angela Gibney, Tommasso de Fernex Summer 2015

Seattle Conference for new PhDs in algebraic geometry. Recruited Martin Olsson as co-organizer. This was a key component of my CAREER grant and brought together a diverse cohort of new PhDs in algebraic geometry with senior mentors, with the goal of building mutual understanding and a strong network bridging several subfields of algbraic geometry. Summer 2014.

UW Western Algebraic Geometry Symposium, co-organized with Kovács, Spring 2012, Fall 2015

American Institute of Mathematics Deformation theory, patching, quadratic forms, and the Brauer group, January 2011. Co-organized with Daniel Krashen.

Mathematical Sciences Research Institute Workshop on deformation theory and moduli theory for graduate students in algebraic geometry, summer of 2007. Co-organized with Martin Olsson, Brian Osserman, and Ravi Vakil. Delivered a lecture series on sites, sheaves, and stacks; other lecture series given by Olsson and Osserman. The outcome is gradually being turned into a book.


Washington: PhD advisor of Nathan Grigg (PhD 2013), Matthew Ward (PhD 2014), Pál Zsámboki (PhD 2015), Siddharth Mathur, William Casper, Gabriel Dorfman-Hopkins, Daniel Bragg, Lucas van Meter, Andrew Ohana (joint with William Stein), Alex Voet. Grigg now works at Google. Ward has left academia. Zsámboki has a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Western Ontario.

Princeton: supervised two undergraduate thesis students, Atoshi Chowdhury in 2006–2007 and Robert Krone in 2007–2008, and co-supervised (with Rahul Pandharipande) the undergraduate thesis of Cary Malkiewich in 2009.

Mathematics Publications

  1. Max Lieblich, Critical surfaces for multiview reconstruction and base loci in joint image space, slowly in preparation (possibly forever)
  2. Katrina Honigs, Max Lieblich, Sofia Tirabassi, Fourier-Mukai partners of Enriques and bielliptic surfaces in positive characteristic, in preparation
  3. Jarod Alper, Max Lieblich, Siddharth Mathur, The universal coarse moduli space is relatively algebraic, in preparation
  4. Max Lieblich, Brian Osserman, Descent of moduli spaces and limit linear series, in preparation
  5. Max Lieblich, Lucas van Meter, Two Hilbert schemes in computer vision, in preparation
  6. Max Lieblich, Moduli of sheaves, a modern primer, to appear in proceedings of the 2015 Utah AMS Summer Institute on Algebraic Geometry
  7. Benjamin Antieau, Asher Auel, Colin Ingalls, Daniel Krashen, Max Lieblich, Period-index bounds for arithmetic threefolds
  8. Max Lieblich, Martin Olsson, A stronger derived Torelli theorem for K3 surfacesBogomolov F., Hassett B., Tschinkel Y. (eds) Geometry Over Nonclosed Fields. Simons Symposia. Springer, Cham
  9. Daniel Krashen, Max Lieblich, The Clifford algebra of a finite morphism
  10. Max Lieblich, Rational curves in the moduli of supersingular K3 surfaces
  11. Max Lieblich, On the unirationality of supersingular K3 surfaces
  12. Max Lieblich, The period-index problem for fields of transcendence degree 2Annals of Mathematics
  13. Max Lieblich, Martin Olsson, Fourier-Mukai partners of K3 surfaces in positive characteristicAnnales Scientifiques de L’ENS
  14. Max Lieblich, Davesh Maulik, Andrew Snowden, Finiteness of K3 surfaces and the Tate conjectureAnnales Scientifiques de L’ENS
  15. Max Lieblich, R. Parimala, V. Suresh, Colliot-Thelene’s conjecture and finiteness of u-invariantsMathematische Annalen
  16. Max Lieblich, Davesh Maulik, A note on the cone conjecture for K3 surfaces in positive characteristic
  17. Rajesh S. Kulkarni, Max Lieblich, Blt Azumaya algebras and moduli of maximal orders
  18. Brian Conrad, Max Lieblich, Martin Olsson, Nagata compactification for algebraic spacesJournal of the Institute of Mathematics of Jussieu
  19. Max Lieblich, Moduli of twisted orbifold sheavesAdvances in Mathematics
  20. Sandor Kovacs, Max Lieblich, Boundedness of families of canonically polarized manifolds: A higher dimensional analogue of Shafarevich’s conjectureAnnals of Mathematics
  21. Max Lieblich, Period and index in the Brauer group of an arithmetic surface (with an appendix by Daniel Krashen)Crelle’s Journal
  22. Max Lieblich, Compactified moduli of projective bundlesAlgebra & Number Theory
  23. Max Lieblich, Arithmetic aspects of moduli of sheaves on curvesGrassmannians, Moduli Spaces, and Vector Bundles, Clay Math volume in honor of Newstead
  24. Max Lieblich, Brian Osserman, Functorial reconstruction theorems for stacksJournal of Algebra
  25. Daniel Krashen, Max Lieblich, Index reduction for Brauer classes via stable sheaves (with an appendix by Bhargav Bhatt)IMRN
  26. Max Lieblich, Martin Olsson, Generators and relations for the etale fundamental groupPure and Applied Math Q
  27. Max Lieblich, Twisted sheaves and the period-index problemCompositio Math
  28. Max Lieblich, Remarks on the stack of coherent algebrasIMRN
  29. Max Lieblich, Moduli of complexes on a proper morphismJournal of Algebraic Geometry
  30. Max Lieblich, Moduli of twisted sheavesDuke Mathematical Journal

Other Publications

  1. June T Spector, Max Lieblich, Stephen Bao, Kevin McQuade and Margaret Hughes, Automation of Workplace Lifting Hazard Assessment for Musculoskeletal Injury PreventionAnnals of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 2014
  2. Max Lieblich, June Spector, Kevin McQuade, Margaret Hughes, Stephen Bao, Kinect Calculation of Lifting-Related Back Injury RiskIEEE EMBC Poster, 2014
  3. Max Lieblich, June Spector, Letter regarding ‘Comparison between low-cost marker-less and high-end marker-based motion capture systems for the computer-aided assessment of working ergonomics’ by Patrizi et al and research reproducibility.Ergonomics, 2016
  4. Max Lieblich, Challenges in the application of computer vision techniques to ergonomics in manufacturing settingsabstract for HFES 2016, 2016


  1. Max Lieblich, Martin Olsson, Brian Osserman, Ravi Vakil, Deformations and moduli in algebraic geometry, book in progress, public draft will be released in 2018
  2. Brian Conrad, Max Lieblich, Galois Representations arising from pp-divisible Groups, draft exists, aim to finish soon


  1. Python code for smoothing, synchronizing, and resampling human joint location data collected from several systems simultaneously, building machine learning models for correcting the NIOSH Lifting Equation for Kinect skeleton model. (
  2. R wrapper for Liljegren’s C code computing the wet bulb globe temperature from meteorological data. (


University of Washington

  • Two-quarter graduate course on algebraic geometry of computer vision, Fall–Winter 2017–2018
  • Graduate course on moduli theory, co-taught with Kovács, Spring 2017
  • Graduate course on deformation theory, Winter 2017
  • Graduate courses on étale cohomology, Brauer groups, and moduli of sheaves, Fall 2014, Winter 2015, Spring 2015
  • Graduate course on commutative algebra and sheaves: Fall 2011, Fall 2013
  • Graduate Seminar on K3 surfaces, joint with Kovács, Fall 2010
  • Graduate topics: deformation theory, Fall 2010
  • Quarterly graduate student reading courses on algebraic geometry, 2009–
  • Graduate topics: ample divisors, Spring 2010
  • Calculus I (Math 124), Fall 2009, Fall 2010
  • Calculus II (Math 125), Fall 2011
  • Calculus III (Math 126), Winter 2012, Winter-Spring 2013
  • Calculus III online: Fall 2013–present. Developed extensive materials for online version of third-quarter calculus, including numerous websites written with HTML5 and JavaScript to enable students to interact with surfaces in 3-space, change parameters in polar graphs and see the results, etc.
  • SIMUW, the University of Washington summer program for mathematically talented high school students: gave guest lecture August 2009, taught full courses July 2010, July 2011, July 2012, July 2013, July 2014. Associate director for diversity starting 2011. Ran Facebook advertising campaigns in 2012 and 2013. Made contact with community groups as part of recruitment efforts. Started co-organizing a correspondence school/outreach component with Julia Pevtsova in 2013 in order to target students who may not have the background necessary for the traditional program.

Princeton University All courses listed below involved three hours of lecture and two office hours per week, in addition to meetings with students by appointment.

  • Analysis in a single variable (Math 215), Fall 2008
  • Linear algebra (Math 202), Fall 2005, Spring 2008
  • Topics in algebra (Math 324), Spring 2006, Spring 2007
  • Numbers, Equations, and Proofs (Math 214), Fall 2006
  • Introduction to algebra (graduate course) (Math 516), Fall 2007

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Teaching assistant for calculus of one variable (18.01A) and calculus of multiple variables (18.02A), Fall 2003. Taught recitations and held two office hours per week, met with students by appointment.

Harvard University

Course assistant for linear algebra (Math 121), Fall 1999. Taught a discussion section and graded homework. Met with students outside of section by appointment. Worked extensively with a blind student for two to three hours each week.

Ross Young Scholars Program

Counselor, summer 1998. Guided three students through a system of problem sets designed by Arnold Ross to teach elementary number theory as well as foster a strong sense of self-education. Gave a lecture on axiomatic projective geometry and Desarguian planes.


Newton Institute, Cambridge, Visiting Fellow during program on Moduli Spaces, May–June 2011

MSRI, Jumbo Semester in Algebraic Geometry, February and May 2009

Universität Münster, visiting Christopher Deninger, March 26 – April 3, 2005

Invited Conference Appearances and Lecture Series

Ann Arbor Project mentor, stacks project workshop, July-August 2017

Israel Louis Rowen birthday conference, June 2017

Emory University, ECHORaP 2017, May 2017

Banff, New trends in arithmetic geometry and algebraic surfaces, May 2017

Banff New Trends in Arithmetic and Geometry of Algebraic Surfaces, March 2017

Banff, Bridges between noncommutative algebra and algebraic geometry, September 2016

Washington, D.C. Invited speaker and panelist, special session on Computer Vision and Occupational Ergonomics, HFES 2016, September 2016

Oberwolfach, Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry, August 2016

University of Texas, Austin TAGS, April 2016

Lorentz Institute, Leiden Oort Birthday Conference, November 2015

Emory University GAGS, October 2015

Mainz Summer School on Algebraic Stacks, August-September 2015

Salt Lake City, Summer Institute on Algebraic Geometry (the “conference of the decade”), July 2015

Brazil ELGA II, June 2015

Nagoya K3, Enriques Surfaces and Related Topics, November 2014

Berlin invited series of lectures, September 2013

Baltimore Algebra and number theory day, May 2013

AIM Palo Alto, Brauer groups and obstruction problems, March 2013

Lorentz Center Leiden University, Current trends in arithmetic geometry, January 2013, invited lecture series

Capital Normal University of Beijing Rational and integral points, September 2012

Oberwolfach, Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry, August 2012

University of Zurich Cohomological methods in arithmetic geometry, September 2012

Banff Algebraic stacks: progress and prospects, March 2012

Caneel Bay Simons Symposium, Geometry over non-closed fields, March 2012

Newton Institute, Cambridge Closing conference, June 2011

Columbia University Moduli spaces and moduli stacks, May 2011

Emory University Ramification in Algebra and Geometry at Emory, May 2011

Newton Institute, Cambridge Spitalfields Day, May 2011

Sapienza Università di Roma Workshop in Deformation Theory II, invited four lecture series, August-September 2010

Oberwolfach, Moduli Spaces in Algebraic Geometry, January 2010

University of Texas, Austin Texas Algebraic Geometry Seminar (TAGS), April 2010

RIMS, Kyoto Noncommutative algebraic geometry and related topics, August 2009

Columbia University Spaces of curves and their interaction with diophantine problems, June 2009

MSRI Closing week conference for the Jumbo Semester on Algebraic Geometry, May 2009

Hyderabad, India Program on quadratic forms, linear algebraic groups, and Galois cohomology. Lecture series on the work of de Jong and Starr on Serre’s Conjecture II over function fields of surfaces, December 29, 2008–January 5, 2009. (Could not attend due to family emergency; contributed lecture notes that were distributed to participants and will appear in upcoming volume.)

Vancouver AMS Section Meeting, Special session on “Singularities and moduli spaces,” October 2008

Banff Interactions Between Noncommutative Algebra and Algebraic Geometry, October 2008

Oberwolfach, Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry, August 2008

Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa Aspects of Moduli, June 2008

CIRM, Luminy Arithmetic Geometry and Rational Points, December 2007

Clay Math Institute Moduli spaces of rational curves, November 2007

Universität Konstanz Workshop on central simple algebras, August

  1. Gave a series of invited lectures at a workshop for graduate students and recent PhDs on de Jong’s period-index theorem and related results.

Fields Institute Stacks in geometry and topology, May 2007.

Emory University Linear algebraic groups and cohomology, May 2007

National Taiwan University Workshop on Higher Dimensional Algebraic Geometry, March 2007

Miami University AMS Section Meeting, Special Session on “Noncommutative Algebraic Geometry,” March 2007

MSRI Cohomological Approaches to Rational Points, March 2006

San Antonio AMS-MAA Joint Meeting, Special Session on Division Algebras, Galois Theory, Cohomology and Geometry, January 2006

Seattle AMS Summer Research Institute, Algebraic geometry, August 2005

American Institute of Mathematics Birational geometry and compact moduli spaces, December 2004

Mathematisches Forschungsinstut Oberwolfach Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry, August 2004

Snowbird, Utah Algebraic Geometry: Presentations by Young Researchers, July 2004

Other mathematics conferences attended

Berlin, Conference on algebraic vision, October 2015

American Institute of Mathematics, SQuaRE on the period-index problem, July 2014

American Institute of Mathematics, workshop on how to run a math camp, March 2013

American Institute of Mathematics, Rational curves on algebraic varieties, May 2007

MSRI, Cohomological Approaches to Rational Points, March 2006

Clay Mathematics Institute, Workshop on the moduli space of vector bundles on a curve, October 2006

Oberwolfach, Arbeitsgemeinschaft: Algebraic cobordism, April 2005

Arizona Winter School in Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry, Fundamental groups in arithmetic, March 2005

Arizona Winter School in Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry, Periods, 2002

Arizona Winter School in Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry, Modular forms, 2001

Park City/IAS Summer Program, Arithmetic algebraic geometry, 1999

Other conferences

Chicago IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC), August 2014. Will present a poster.

Pusan, South Korea EMBC, August 2013. A learning mission.

Seminar and Colloquium Lectures

Rice Colloquium, April 2017

Princeton Algebraic geometry seminar, September 2013

Boston BC-MIT Number Theory Seminar, December 2012

University of Georgia Arithmetic algebraic geometry seminar, April 2012

Athens, GA Athens-Atlanta Number Theory Seminar, April 2012

Stanford Algebraic Geometry Seminar and Number Theory Seminar, December 2011

Mathematical Institute of the University of Bonn Algebraic Geometry Seminar, May 2011

Michigan State University Colloquium, March 2011

Caltech Algebraic Geometry Seminar, May 2010

Harvard-MIT Algebraic Geometry Seminar, May 2010

Columbia University Algebraic Geometry Seminar, April 2010

University of British Columbia Algebraic Geometry Seminar, March 2010

Stanford University Algebraic Geometry Seminar, February 2010

Stanford University Colloquium, May 2009

Berkeley Western Algebraic Geometry Seminar, April 2009

University of British Columbia, October 2008

University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Valley Geometry Seminar, March 2007

University of Michigan, Algebraic Geometry Seminar, February 2007

Michigan State University, Algebra Seminar, February 2007

University of Washington, Number Theory Seminar, January 2007

University of Utah, Western Algebraic Geometry Seminar, November 2006

University of Pennsylvania Algebra Seminar, July 2006

Brown University Algebraic Geometry Seminar, May 2006

Stanford University Algebraic Geometry Seminar, March 2006

Berkeley Algebraic Geometry Seminar, Spring 2006

University of Washington Algebra Seminar, November 2005

Princeton University Algebraic Geometry Seminar, September 2005

Brown University Algebraic Geometry Seminar, May 2005

Rice University Colloquium, March 2005

University of Connecticut Algebra Seminar, November 2004

Columbia University Algebraic Geometry Seminar, January 2004

University of Chicago Algebraic Geometry Seminar, January 2004

Northwestern University Geometry/Physics Seminar, January 2004

University of Michigan Algebraic Geometry Seminar, January 2004

Harvard University Harvard/MIT joint Algebraic Geometry Seminar, December 2003

Stanford University Algebraic Geometry Seminar, December 2003

University of Pennsylvania Algebraic Geometry Seminar, November 2003

Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2000-2004

Gave several lectures in the Baby Algebraic Geometry Seminar

Gave several lectures in A. J. de Jong’s student seminar


UW Leadership Excellence Program, Cohort II, 2017–2018

UW Provost Search Committee, 2017

UW Faculty Senate Executive Committee, 2016–

UW Faculty Senate, 2015–

AAUP Executive Board, 2015–

Co-organizer of University of Washington Algebra and Algebraic Geometry Seminar, 2009–

Numerous departmental committees, 2009–

Advertising/outreach for SIMUW, Fall 2012–

Lectured at University of Washington Math Day 2010, Math Day 2012, gave plenary lecture at Math Day 2014

Co-organized (with Samuel Grushevsky) the Princeton Algebraic Geometry Seminar, 2006 – 2009. Served on the gradute admissions committee, 2009.

Maintained webpage for geometry seminars and co-organized (with Dan Abramovich) the Brown University Algebraic Geometry seminar, 2004–2005.

Organized the MIT Baby Algebraic Geometry Seminar, 2001-2002.

Refereed or rendered initial opinions on papers for Advances in Mathematics, Annals of Mathematics, the Bulletin de la Société Mathématique de France, the Duke Mathematical Journal, Ergonomics, the Journal of Algebraic Geometry, the Journal of the American Mathematical Society, Mathematische Annalen, Mathematische Zeitschrift, and the Transactions of the American Mathematical Society.

Served on several NSF panels, (years withheld)


American Mathematical Society 1996–

IEEE 2014–

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